Healthy Reasoning

The Healthy Reasoning Team stemmed from the Healthy Reasoning Project (2014-2017), funded by the Italian Ministry of Education and Research and based at Catholic University in Milan, under the direction of Sarah Bigi. Fabrizio Macagno (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) was part of the original research team, while Maria Grazia Rossi (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) came on board during the project. Read more...

Our aims

With the conclusion of the project (2017), we realized a network of colleagues and collaborations had developed that was worth fostering. The Healthy Reasoning Team is now spread between Italy and Portugal and sees this as an opportunity to develop the original topics of research in a truly interdisciplinary and intercultural perspective. Through this website it is possible to get in touch with the HR Team, share ideas and resources, plan meetings and find inspiration.


Our keywords

Under the heading 'Healthy Reasoning' we collect the research we are conducting together or in partnership with other colleagues on the following topics:

medical argumentation - medical decision making - therapeutic persuasion - medical ethics - pragmatics in medical interactions - reasoning and public health - dialogue models in healthcare 

Latest news​

Some of the recent conferences the HR Team attended:

1 June 2018, Workshop in Lisbon - SB, MGR, FM

3-6 July 2018, 9th Conference of the International Society for the Study of Argumentation, Amstrdam (Netherlands) - SB, FM

1-4 September 2018, ICCH, Porto (Portugal) - SB, MGR



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